Why Storied Lift Needs To Be Outdoors

outdoor lift systems

Depending on the building construction and perhaps even how high the building is, and depending on the type of business/s being carried out on this building, any number of reasons could be given for the need to station a lift outdoors. For the time being, this short note merely covers the basics in terms of requirements to do with outdoor lift systems. Firstly, you will have noticed that in most cases, the lift shaft on a construction site will always be stationed outdoors.

It is worthwhile mentioning the construction site in the first instance. Never mind that the infrastructure installed, and this includes one or more lifts (number of lifts being determined by size and scale of project) is only temporary, it does serve as a precursor of things to come. Due to the financial constraints usually imposed on the property owners, the building construction team works rigidly to a tightly controlled timeline.

That being said, it does not take long before you begin to see the skeleton shape of things to come. Two salient reasons for placing the construction lift on the outside of the building’s skeleton have to do with logistics and safety. In terms of safety, you will always notice that the passenger lifts are shielded with metal panels or wiring. The lift is at a distance from ongoing construction work and there is little chance of being hit by ‘flying objects’.

Cargo lifts, on the other hand, are rather specialized jobs. They have the ability to bear heavy weights, and this is necessary in order to carry construction operating equipment from one floor to the next. Doing so indoors would not have been practical. Finally, the finished article also shows lifts on the outside. Take a ride and see for yourself.